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Welcome to Plastic Imagination

All hail the 70's, the 80's, the 90's and yes, even the 00's. Growing up in the 80's was an incredible thing if you were a young child. For us boys, we saw the beginnings of the timeless toylines like Transformers™, G.I. Joe™ and Masters of the Universe™. For the girls (ew, cooties) they had Barbie™, My Little Pony™ and Polly Pocket™. Classic lines that are still thriving today. But we also were priviledged to have so many other wonderful lines such as Garbage Pail Kids™, Jem™, Inhumanoids™, Teddy Ruxpin™, Battle Beasts™, Sectaurs™ and of course, who could forget M.U.S.C.L.E.™. Yes, I would have to say that kids growing up in the 80's had it the best.

But even though those decades are long gone, many of the toylines that made us smile as kids have remained and have brought joy to the children of this generation. Some would dare say that they still bring a smile to our faces. Us thirty-somethings, who still get a twinkle in our eyes as we walk past (or through) the toy aisle at Wal-Mart™ or Target™. Many of us who now have our own brood with whome we can share our love of the toys that drew out the best from our imaginations. Bam! Pow! Thwack! BOOM! Yeah, you know what I'm talking about ;) . You know because deep down in your heart, you still retain the wonder of growing up in those lost decades, where our toys were more about what we imagined them to be than what today's multi-mega-super-duper gaming, television and movie marketing behemoths tell us they are. That is the magic that will keep us forever young. Imagination!

Plastic !magination is a brand new toy company created to bring us the toys that we always imagined that we would have, but that never made their way to our toyboxes. We are a co-operative of business men, fathers and fellow toy collectors, forever locked in the imaginations of the 1980's. We are looking to bring to market many of those lines lost to the decades as well as some unfulfilled ideas previously locked in the hope chests of our imaginations! We expect to bring our first property to market in Q1 2012, so stay tuned!

Latest News

2014-10-03 - Come get a sneak peak of Rise of the Beasts at the New York Comic-Con. We will have the figures on display at the ToyWorth booth #2164. While there, enter to win some pre-release figures or prototypes.

2014-09-28 - Have a look at the first run production samples for Rise of the Beasts.

2014-08-12 - Rise of the Beasts test shots have arrived. The figures are everything we original envisioned and more!

2014-06-03 - We are happy to announce that Rise of the Beasts will be manufactured in the same factory as Onell's Glyos figures. We will update once we have test shots.